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dr Ilona Osadowska · 636 · 2019-03-10 (akt.)
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Dr. Peter Krzywicki, Ophtalmologist, Refractive Surgeon

Specializes precisely in advanced eyes and eyelids surgery.  

Dr. Ilona Osadowska, Surgeon

Consultations, follow-up after blepharoplasty.  



Szczecin - International Clinic & Operation Centre

al. Piastów 30
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Poznan - Consultations & Face Treatments

ul. Morawskiego 2C
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Warsaw - Consultations & Face Treatments
ul. Tarczyńska 20
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To perform Eyelid or Eyebag surgery, we need you to come for at least 3 days and 2 nights. We organize your stay including choosing best flights, booking airport transfers, hotel or apartment and all city transfers at no extra fees. You can pay or refund these these services after arrival.

To discuss details or book your appointment, please CONTACT US

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