Eyelid & eyebag surgery prices

Dr Osadowska Clinic · 2020-07-12 (akt.)
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All prices are for both eyelids - left and right together.

Prices for Eyelid Surgery in British Pounds

£ 790  - upper eyelid laser surgery,
£ 890  - lower eyelid surgery,
£ 1400 - both eyelids surgery during one session.


Prices for Eyelid Surgery in Euro:

€ 890  - upper eyelid laser surgery,
€ 990  - lower eyelid surgery,
€ 1600 - both eyelids surgery during one session.


Prices for Eyelid Surgery in Polish Zloty (PLN):

3900 zł - upper eyelid laser surgery,
4500 zł - lower eyelid surgery,
6900 zł - both eyelids surgery during one session.

Payment conditions

All medical costs, labs and VAT are included. Three free post-op visits. Payment can be done in cash in Pounds, Euro, Dollars or Crowns. Cards accepted – VISA, Mastercard. If payment by card, the charge is in Polish Zloty. Will be exchanged at a daily rate of your bank. Prices may vary due to currency. 

Booking a visit 

Performing Eyelid Surgery requires a good preparation of detials. The initial evaluation can be done your upon photos. We will guide you through this process and confirm if we are able to meet your expectations. We need you to come for 3 days and 2 nights to do that. The proper consultation will be booked prior to procedure. No downpayments necessary. 

All-inclusive travel package 

On demand we will make an all-inclusive travel package, icnluding airport transfers, accomodation and local transfers with fixed price, at no extra charges.

To discuss details or book your appointment, please CONTACT US

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