If you wanna be a model

dr Ilona Osadowska · 616 · 2018-12-21 (akt.)

If you are comfortable being a photo model, we have a good news - we will discount your procedure. Photo sessions we do in our clinic in Szczecin. Video shooting for special projects can be also done in any place in Europe.

A Brazilian Butt Lift for Angelina from Dublin. May 2018.

Being a model for photo and video sessions

We are constantly doing photo session for our models. Our favourite subjects are illustrating feminine beauty at every age, our staff performing procedures and their effects. We also shoot movies documenting our real patients experiences. Models enjoy discounts, agreed individually. 

All procedures performed for model are of normal value, with full medical documentation and following all rules.  Also normal after care is included. 

  • photo model for body, full anonimity,
  • photo model with face hidden (glasses),
  • photo model with face,
  • only sound recording, 
  • video recording anonymously,
  • video recording non-anonymous

Face and neck lift with Aptos Threads for Lindy from Scotland. June 2018.

Is it something for me?

If you are interested in being a model, it will be good if you feel confident and comfortable with camera, and people photographing around you. The photo team is usually 2 people. We need 15 to 45 minutes to do the session, depending on subject.  


We will ask you to sign a written consent for using photographs or videos that we did.

How to apply

We will ask you to send us email or WhatsApp message shortly explaining your expectations. Any photos will help us understand the subject. We will evaluate your inquiry - both feasibility and if it would be interesting to introduce a model programm with you. 

Contact for models

Please send us email to: do@dr-osadowska.pl, or WhatsApp +48 501 144 809. We will get back to you within working day.