How to start

Dr Osadowska Clinic · 1026 · 2018-12-21 (akt.)

Here's how to make first steps if you like to go ahead with us. 


  • Contact us, we will arrange a call back for your convenience
  • We will be discussing your needs and evaluate feasibility
  • Send us your photos, we advise how to make them
  • Our Doctors will evaluate if you are a good candidate, and if we are able to meet your expectations
  • Find a quarter, we wil call to discuss thoroughly details of your health and medical conditions
  • If everything good, we will send you options and pricing
  • A real consultation will be held in Clinic, when you see the Doctor
  • All actions that we take earlier is just to prepare the final consultation the best way, and recognize possible contraindications as early as possible


  • We will propose a few timeframes, considering your availability
  • We match affordable flights and send you proposal
  • We organize airport transfer from one of three nearby airports, and accomodation - a hotel or apartment,
  • Local transfers for the time of your visit

Payment arrangements

  • We do not require downpayments,
  • We like you to talk to the Dr during initial consultaion without pressure. If it turns our that you are not a good candidate anyhow, or you are not convinced about final choice, you can just go away without loosing deposit. 
  • We take cards: Visa, Mastercard
  • We take cash in all convertible currencies - Pounds, Euro, Dollars, Crowns. This is the cheapest option for lowest exchange margins. Mind that Scottish Pounds are not valid outside of UK.
  • After your consultation, if you feel ready and reassured, we will ask you to pay before we do the procedure.  
  • If you are going to pay by card, pls. check your limits and ask your bank if they won't rejected transaction abroad.
  • Wew can share payments and currencies. 

Travel companion 

  • Travel companion is not necessary, yet - the more the merrier,
  • The only addiional cost is flight ,
  • Airport transfer - no extra cost if our driver, 
  • Accomodation - no extra cost if in one facility,
  • Good to have somebody with, even for city sightseeing.

City guide

  • We will give you tips on where to eat, 
  • what to see, 
  • how to choose shopping centres, including a guide if needed,
  • or any other special interest that you might have, as typically: tailor, dentist, special food or such.


  • Poland is quite a safe country, you need not afraid city sightseeing being alone,
  • You can feel safe, everywhere, at any time.