Review - Jade, a nurse from London. Labiaplasty.

Actually I am surprised how it doesn't even really hurt. Amazing. I can't believe that I thought how much pain I would be in.
Jade, London, UK · 2019-05
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Review: Rachel, Labiaplasty

I 'm glad that I did. I wished I would have it done before, that I didn't wait so long. The whole experience was great.
Rachel, UK · 2018-04

Lifting Threads for face, Aptos

I'm totally impressed with everything. No swelling at all. I'm ready to book my next treatments here. I'm amazed.
Dawn, Wales, UK · 2018-04 · ENG

Thread lifting for face

I have had a few procedures done in London well-known clinics, but can honestly say Dr. Osadowska has been the best by far.
Tracey, Brighton, UK · 2017-11

Review: The day after the Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery - Yvonne, Ireland

Very very good. Minimal discomfort. To have it done under local anaesthetic was very good idea.
Yvonne, Dublin, Ireland · 2017-11

Labiaplasty - a review by Qundeel, UK.

It’s been two weeks and I'm feeling very good. From the Boss, Doctor and Receptionist - every single person helped and was so kind. 
Qundeel, UK · 2020-02
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Face rejuvenation - a review by Gillian, UK.

Dr was amazing, very relaxed and professional. This has been a fantastic experience. 
Gillian, UK · 2020-02
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Labiaplasty - Lucy

I’m a registered nurse. From a professional point of view I was impressed with the infection control procedures here. The equipment in the clinic itself impressed me and also the staff were really good. 
Lucy, UK · 2018-05
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Breast augmentation with own fat - a review by Zane, UK

One of my breasts was significantly smaller than other, now they are similar in size and enlarged from B to DD.
Zane, London, UK · 2017-05
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Eyelid and Eyebag surgery - John, UK

Very professional, very high quality, very state of the art. And the people doing their work here know what they are doing.
John, Newcastle, UK · 2017-05

Face rejuvenatiuon - Yvonne, Ireland

Now I look 10 years younger. I feel like a different person. I can't believe - 10 years, just one day, gone! It is absolutely brilliant.
Yvonne, Dublin, Ireland · 2017-12

Upper eyelid surgery

I wanted to improve my eyelids, both upper and lower. I wanted to have more open, feminine eyes. I am very happy with the results, especially with natural look. 
Sara, France · 2017-11
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A video with real patients opinions

Watch and listen to real patients - eyelid surgery, liposuctions, fat transfers, labiaplasty. YouTube Channel. 
Dr Osadowska Clinic · 2017-08
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Labioplasty - I wish I’ve done it earlier

Now I can finally enjoy my life and take pleasure from sex. I'm really glad that medicine is so much advanced that I can be a happy woman without feeling ashamed.
Lucky Girl, Poland · 2017-02
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VenoSteam - a quick endovascular treatment for varicose veins

Dr Osadowska I thank you yet again. As for value I can tell you that the trip to Poland and the professional help I got from the staff and doctors are second to none.
Paul, Dublin, Ireland · 2015-10
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Thread Lifting and fillers for Anna, New York, USA

I received several complements how wonderful my ‘vacation‘ had to be because I looked at least 10 years younger!!! 
Anna, New Jersey, USA · 2014-11
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