Review - Jade, a nurse from London. Labiaplasty.

Jade, London, UK · 806 · 2019-06-08 (akt.)

Actually I am surprised how it doesn't even really hurt. Amazing. I can't believe that I thought how much pain I would be in.

My name is Jade I’m 29 I’m from the UK. I lived just outside of London and I just decided to come to Poland to have surgery for Labiaplasty.

I've been thinking about that for a long time. The prices in England are just ridiculous. So I knew somebody come to Poland for another surgery and then I started looking into it. 


I felt I can’t wear certain clothes. I can’t even wear tight clothes. Because I feel like readjusting my clothes all the time or people will notice different. In my head it was just paranoid about it. I have always to wear black ones, because if I wear white I feel more like it you can see. I just feel uncomfortable. I use to think of the thing every day that I want it to get done. Every day I think about it.

It was something that I feel that if you think about that or worried about every day then you should try to do something about it to take those worries away which is what I have done.


I thought it will take maybe longer what it did, but I don't feel any pain when I actually had the surgery. I was given an extra of pain killers. I feel a lot of painkillers and of things that they don’t last very long. I got quite like high tolerance where something could not come out and do this for me. I just felt like where I could quite ask for more but I don’t know if it’s the same for everybody

After the treatment

I have my surgery on Tuesday and yesterday was Wednesday. I just have to stay half an hour then she checked everything and then I can go home. Then I came back the next day and have a special treatment and then have a free checked, then I come back again today before I go. I walked to KFC last night. I walked to KFC it was one mile away and I walked back. I don’t walk slow but it was fine. 


I have no pain now whatsoever. The first day was a little bit painful. Yesterday I took some painkillers but today I feel fine, I can walk. I have no pain at all.

I've just seen the Doctor now, he said that he was quite surprised how well it actually looks. He said normally it looks you are more swollen and more darker but it's fine. I was watching videos even up to the day of the procedure and it was making me freak out thinking that I am just gonna have this one. My vagina is gonna be black and over even until work but actually I am surprised how it doesn't even really hurt. I am really surprised.

It was honestly unexpected, because I’ve seen a lot of videos. I thought I was gonna be on pain. 


The main fear was actually coming for the consultation, having to see someone about this problem. That was the thing - being brave enough to come here and do it.

I always wanted to do but I’m just always been too scared, because I am just so embarrassed. I am horribly embarrassed when I first came but then I say I’ve been coming back each day and each day it’s got easy and easier and I am okay.

I knew that surgery abroad was cheaper but I never known anybody had gone abroad. I was so much more risky, you could get infection - who would help you? So I knew someone - he had an gynecomastia. He came and had that done and it just looks really good for the price that he paid compared to England. Yes, it was fine, really good so I just decided to look into for Poland. 

The Clinic

It’s nice, it’s modern, it’s clean. The staff are very nice. I found it on the website search. Started Poland and then I did a search and lots of different places. I just looked completely to some pictures and again, just found not the feedback.  The correspondent was good between the two like the one that I was speaking from the way. They are answering my questions quickly. The price is really good so I decided to go. I did quick reviews and the pictures that I sent so I decided.

First time to Poland

This is the first time I’ve been to Poland and all the people are very nice, everything is so much cheaper. I couldn’t believe it like the taxi cost me a pound, the food I went to the shop and I bought a lots of food it was 6 pounds and it was great. And the weather as well is nicer than England and it’s warmer.