Eyelid and Eyebag surgery - John, UK

John, Newcastle, UK · 1999 · 2019-02-05 (akt.)

Very professional, very high quality, very state of the art. And the people doing their work here know what they are doing.

The clinic itself is superb. The structure of the whole place, the layout of it, the equipment - everything is great, in the right place and exactly as I hope it would be. 

But it is much much more than that - I had a kindness and pleasantness from every member of the staff here. I found to my delight that the people at the clinic understood that I wasn’t a commodity to be moved around, but I was a person. 

Of course when that kind of thing is happening there are moments in any procedure like that, where you wish it wasn't happening. But that's just the matter of managing yourself properly, so that you keep going and that lets them keep going.

And I enjoyed the music as well during the procedure. It was rock music from the 80’s 70’s. I spend a lot of time talking with the doctor about who had sang that song and that kind of thing. That’s great and I can’t imagine that happening every country. I liked that.

We had some amusement during the procedure as well. Some quiet smiles and some not so quite smiles. Quite a bit a laughter in it as well.

So that was a great way to do something which is highly skilled. The Dr was amazing. And the nurse was great as well. You could see that they had a report between them. That they have been working together for a long time, respected each other and that’s quite reassuring.

One very interesting thing - there was never a time during the procedure or before it, when I had to say “so what are you doing now” or “what you gonna do now”. I thought it was well worth mentioning, because that gave essence of a thing right. They know each other, this is not the first time they done, this, they done this a lot.

They were fantastic, absolutely amazing and I was relaxed the whole time through it.

I woke up this morning and I was fine. I absolutely realized that yes, that is the shape that I wanted! It’s nothing glamorous about it, it’s just a normal shape! That will allow me to relax and enjoy my life a little bit more.