Labioplasty - I wish I’ve done it earlier

Lucky Girl, Poland · 712 · 2019-03-04 (akt.)

Now I can finally enjoy my life and take pleasure from sex. I'm really glad that medicine is so much advanced that I can be a happy woman without feeling ashamed.

My problem with overgrown labia first appeared during puberty. For many years I’ve been struggling, telling myself that if nature gifted me this way, then it’s just supposed to be so. I was ashamed of myself, I was ashamed of my intimacy with my husband.... An ordinary trip to the beach or a pool caused an enormous anxiety over anyone noticing anything protruding - that “anything” was what I hated most.

Today, being 3 months after the surgery, I can definitely say that there is no trace of the fact that I had a procedure performed! I’ve had some doubts whether the decision was a good one since there would be no going back, but the anxiety was utterly unnecessary. I’m really, indescribably happy having fulfilled this dream of mine!

The procedure wasn’t painful. I was given local anaesthesia and even then the administration of it didn’t hurt, because the Doctor first used a special anaesthetic ointment before the injection - all for my comfort. During the procedure the nurse kept talking with me all the time, she was really taking care of my mental well-being :)

The most important thing after undergoing the procedure is compliance with post-surgical recommendations, most vital of which is maintaining the hygiene of the intimate places, so that no infection can enter.

I'm afraid to think about how my life would look if I didn’t decide on the treatment- I would probably still be dissatisfied with life and I would still be the same gray mouse in the intimate relations with my husband. Today I’m a bold, fully self-accepting woman. Well, maybe I’d like to improve a thing or two about my breasts, which is my second secret dream, but it’s not nearly as significant of a problem as the labia one. Besides, I’ve come to learn that in Dr Osadowska’s Clinic you can make this kind of dream come true, so I’m hoping to have this dream fulfilled as well.

Fear makes things look twice as bad as they are and makes for a really iffy advisor! Now I can finally enjoy life, derive pleasure from sex and it makes me extremely happy that medicine is so developed that I can be a happy woman without feeling ashamed.


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