Labiaplasty - Lucy

Lucy, UK · 1001 · 2019-03-04 (akt.)

I’m a registered nurse. From a professional point of view I was impressed with the infection control procedures here. The equipment in the clinic itself impressed me and also the staff were really good. 

My name is Lucy and I’ve come from UK to Poland for labiaplasty. I’ve researched both British clinics and Polish clinics on the internet and this was the one I chose. 

I’ve had slight discomfort but mainly I chose to have the procedure for esthetic reasons. I’ve wanted it done for over 20 years.

I had confidence in the clinic- I researched the surgeon- and obviously another factor is financial - it’s much cheaper to come to Poland than to have the treatment done in the UK. It’s actually a third of the cost here.

The gynecologist had a very good manner about him. He was very friendly and explained the procedure in depth beforehand. He spent a long time talking with me about the things that could go wrong and the risks and made sure I was fully informed of all the risks and benefits as well. I had the option not to go ahead with it so I didn’t feel pressurized. 

He was very professional, easy to get on with and I felt like I could ask him any question at all. He took a lot of time to talk to me and was very caring as well. He spoke excellent English, there was no communication barriers at all.

The doctor was very cautious actually - he made sure I had all the blood tests, the scans and a good examination beforehand. I don’t think he would go ahead with the surgery if he wasn’t satisfied that I was a good candidate for the surgery. 

There was a lot of preparation beforehand but everything run very smoothly and it didn’t take too much time. It was reassuring that they were so thorough. There was no rush and it was taken very seriously - it’s a surgery after all, it’s not just a quick procedure. It wasn’t rushed and they took great care.

I was nervous just beforehand but the nurse - I think she could tell that I was a bit nervous -she was reassuring and I needn’t have worried because it wasn’t scary at all. There was a nice atmosphere in the room and they put some music on as well. It was not stressful at all. It was a professional operating theatre but i think they made effort to make it look not scary. 

You couldn’t see anything that was going on and you could hear the music and they chatted to me as well - the doctor spoke to me throughout the procedure and I felt reassured.

I would tell anyone not to worry. It was less scary than going to the dentist. As a nurse myself I know how important it is for things to be clean and infection control procedures to be in place. 

Then you have some numbing gel put on there so you don’t feel the injections, then they give you injections to numb the area- the local anaesthetic. The doctor checks first if you can’t feel anything before he starts so that’s reassuring.

Although it’s a really sensitive area they make sure there’s lots of local anaesthetic gel on there and then they use the local anaesthetic injections- you can’t feel that at all. When they begin you don't feel a thing.

The worst time was right at the end of the surgery, just as the local anesthetic was starting to wear off. That was the only bad time and apart of that it was all fine.

Two days later I can do anything, really. I wouldn’t go for a long walk and I would take it a bit easy but I feel well enough to go out shopping or out for dinner. There’s just some soreness, some light soreness, nothing really bad. 

I’m a registered nurse. From a professional point of view I was impressed with the infection control procedures here. The equipment in the clinic itself impressed me and also the staff were really good. Everything was done very efficiently.

I would recommend coming to Poland for any medical procedure because the clinics are just as modern as ours, the surgeons are just as good as ours. 

The clinic is better than any clinic that I’ve seen in the UK - it’s very well equipped, very stylish, very clean and the facilities are as good or better than what I’ve seen in the UK as a nurse myself.

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