Blepharoplasty - Eyelid and Eyebag Surgery

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Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure correcting the aesthetics within the eyelids. It is performed on the upper eyelids - in people with a marked excess skin, or on the lower eyelids - in the case of excess flaccid skin, or overgrowth of adipose tissue that gives the impression of swelling.

Doing blepharoplasty, Dr. Peter Krzywicki. January 2018.

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty involves the surgical excision of excess flaccid eyelid skin. We plan and perform the treatment in order to obtain the best aesthetic effect and minimal trace. Most often, we want to open the eye area, remove excess skin that makes makeup difficult or even restrict the field of view. Often, the eyelids are slightly asymmetrical, then the treatment is planned to correct the difference. We always plan the treatment individually and match the facial features. The cutting line is hidden in the hollow of the eyelid and remains invisible when the eye is open. 

Who is a good candidate

Someone with excess of loose skin at upper or lower eyelids. Also lower eyebags may be an indication. The procedure is carried our for mostly aesthetic reasons. Some people do it for medical reasons, if the skin is obscuring the sight. Eyelid surgery is not much related to age - both 30- and 60-70-year-olds undergo this surgery.

Blepharoplasty is a relatively mild treatment with little pain. It has long been one of the five most commonly performed procedures in plastic surgery clinics.

Blepharoplasty - The preparation

During the initial consultation, we examine the condition and potential of the skin, discuss the patient's expectations and determine the possibilities of their implementation. Before the consultation, we will commission a few blood tests that will confirm good health and the ability to safely perform the procedure.

Laser Eyelid Suregry

The use of a modern laser allows us to significantly improve healing and improve the comfort of patients after the procedure. The laser is used to cut the skin and then coagulate the treatment area. This significantly reduces bleeding, accelerates healing and reduces discomfort occurring for a few days after surgery.

Correction of swollen lower eyelids

Aesthetic discomfort may also result from the convexity of the lower eyelids, which resemble puffiness. The cause may be the hypertrophy of the lower eyelid fat bodies. The correction is based on the surgical removal of fat. It can be performed during the correction of skin folds during one treatment. 

Healing. What to expect after the procedure

The first healing stage lasts from a few days to two weeks. For a few weeks we will be accompanied by swelling - initially clear, then it will become not perceptible and will no longer interfere with normal functioning. After a few weeks, the swelling will disappear completely, usually unnoticed. The scar will be slightly thickened during the first weeks after the procedure. After 10-14 days you will be able to hide it under make-up. After a dozen or so weeks it will be difficult to see even when the eyelids are closed and then disappear completely.

During the Procedure – the introduction of Anesthesia

We make Bleafaroplastics using the CO 2 laserto which we cut, and then we coagulate the treatment area. The procedure consists of several stages - planning, anesthesia, cutting and suturing. The total time is about 1- 1.5 hours. Usually the longest stage is suturing the skin. We assume intradermal, non-transdermal seams. Their task is to firmly join the skin, minimize visibility and leave a good adhesion with the smallest possible scar. An important issue is the proper planning of the outline for skin incision so as to obtain the expected aesthetic effect. The laser beam cuts the skin and at the same time closes the blood vessels, which is why laser bluff flare is characterized by much smaller bleeding, less swelling and helps promotes faster healing. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia with an optional sedation effect.

Post-operative care

The seams will be visible as a thin, dark line. They should be removed after 7-10 days from the surgery. Most people return to normal activity within 5-7 days. After the treatment, we will issue a prescription for ointment accelerating healing and reducing scars, which should be used after removing the seams. Control visits after the procedure are free.

Doctors, Clinics

Consultations and qualifications are conducted by the team Dr. Peter Krzywicki and Dr. Ilona Osadowska. Treatments are carried out by Dr. Peter Krzywicki at Dr Osadowska Clinics in Szczecin and Poznań, Poland. 


Laser upper eyelid surgery is available from approx. 790 Pounds / 840 euro. All medical costs covered. 

If you live out of Poland

Initial assessment of whether you are a good candidate will be possible remotely, based on interviews, photos and uploaded materials. The final decision and consent for the procedure will be made during the conversation with the doctor, during consultations at the clinic. The minimum time to perform the surgery is 3 days and 2 nights presence of the patient in our city. Please contact us, we will advise you on what will be needed and how to prepare yourself best. Without any additional fees, we will organize your travel and stay here. 

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