Liposuction LipoLife - best candidates

Dr Osadowska Clinic · 853 · 2019-03-12 (akt.)
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LipoLife will be especially interesting for people who

  • want to undergo an effective liposuction with minimal damage to the body,
  • are alert at good skin quality after procedure,
  • being active, don't have time for downtime, 
  • and want to get back to normal activity as fast as possible,
  • want also to improve skin condition in treated areas, typically: stretch marks, laxity and scars,
  • who are trobuled with slightly saggy skin and want to stretch it as strong as possible, without excision,
  • want to avoid a general anaesthesia.

The best candidates for liposuction in general are

  • Someone in good health,
  • The best results are with people are not too large, but also not too slim,
  • People who want to remove fat from localised areas,
  • For whom diets and exercise hasn't worked.


  • Unregulated high blood pressure, 
  • Infections, certain chronic diseases e.g. cancer etc,
  • Significant obesity,
  • Certain allergies.



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