Liposuction LipoLife - advantages

Dr Osadowska Clinic · 851 · 2019-01-14 (akt.)
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Why chose LipoLife - interesting advantages of the method:

  • an extremely gentle treatment,
  • with minimal bleeding,
  • a strong stimulation of tightening of the skin - being the most powerful and the most effective method known to me,
  • relative ease of obtaining a smooth skin in the area subjected to the treatment,
  • local anesthesia with shallow sedation being enough to undergo the procedure comfortably.

Due to a strong stimulation of the skin regeneration LipoLife would be a particularly interesting method for people with stretch marks, or for those with flaccid or weakened skin after a large weight loss or pregnancy.

Summary and advantages of Liposuction LipoLife

LipoLife is an interesting method due to very low trauma factor and fast convalescence. In the hands of an experienced doctor it enables achieving appealing effects and high patient satisfaction. The healing process after the treatment is faster, comparing to previous methods. Most patients will experience only little bruising.

LipoLife in Poland

This method has been introduced in Poland in August of 2016 by Dr. Ilona Osadowska at her Clinic. Since then, our experience includes over five hunderd body sculpting procedures a year. Most of them includes fat transfers to breast, buttocks, scars and faces.

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