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Questions for thinking before surgery

  • Am I you sure I need it?
  • Is my health good enough to be safely treated?
  • Will I be able to ensure a post-treatment care?
  • Am I ready to modify my lifstyle habits, if necessary? Nutrition, workout, weight management may influence long-term results.

The surgery is a big undertaking, also a big investment, therefore we  advise so do it when we are sure that we need it, we have planned adequate care for the time after surgery and we have a strong will to modify our habits.

If you have doubts about the above points, it may be better to wait and think about the subject, or postpone the procedure to wait for more favorable circumstances.

Effects and long-term satisfaction after the treatment

In most cases, the modification of the figure we perform for our patients is only the first step in a longer journey. The most frequent immediately after leaving the treatment table, we are happy with the change immediately visible. However, the greatest satisfaction comes after 2-3 months and later. At that time most of the ailments disappear - hematoma, the swelling, the skin will start to tighten and firm. After completing a series of massages by the physiotherapist, after implementing appropriate changes in eating habits and lifestyle - the effects can be amazing.

How to choose the best time for treatment

When planning a treatment, we have to take several factors into account. Season, our ability to take several days off, temperature for healing, holiday plans. By choosing the best dates, we ask about these details to match the best timing for you.  

Post treatment care obligations

Immediately after the treatment, we will give you individually adjusted compression garment. It is to be used for next 6 weeks, 24 hours a day. After 1 week, you will have to start a series of manual lymphatic massages to be repeated twice a week fro next 5 weeks. When considering a date for your procedure, we need to ensure that you will ba able to fulfill these duties. 

Where to start

If we have considered the pros and cons, and you are we are are confirming our intention to perform the procedure, it is best to contact us at the initial stage. Proper preparation requires the evaluation of many small factors. Our consultants will get acquainted with your expectations and circumstances important for the operation. Typically, we need about 20 minutes to reliably inform and discuss issues comprehensively. After the conversation, we will prepare individual recommendations and propose a plan of action. For long-distance or non-resident people, we can make a preliminary assessment based on photos. Then we will offer a medical consultation.

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