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Prices for most popular Lifting Threads

  • ~1300 - 1500 Pounds / 1600 - 1800 Euro
    (7400-8400 Polish Zloty)
    The best packages of two products, great results for most demanding patients. 
    Main threads in package: Aptos Visage Excellence.
    Additionally: Aptos Needle, Blunt or Spring.

  • From 900 Pounds / From 1100 Euro
    (4900-5900 zł)
    The most frequently applied universal threads. Satisfactory efffects for most patients.
    Threads: Aptos Visage Excellence or Aptos Body 15

  • From 820 Pounds / 1000 Euro
    (4600 zł)
    Threads for special applications: Aptos Needle or Aptos Threads.

  • from 550 Pounds / 630 Euro
    (2900 zl)
    A basic lifting with Aptos Linea threads. 

Payment options 

We take cash in Polish Zloty, Pounds or Euro.
Cards accepted: VISA, Mastercard.
Mixed payment possible at your convenience.

Price reduction options 

If you are interested in price reduction and you do not mind to be amodel, you can apply for model program. Details: BE A MODEL

Booking a visit 

We have all typical threads constantly available. In most cases Thread Lifting can be performed right after consultation.  Downpayment is not required.

All-inclusive travel package 

On demand we will make an all-inclusive travel package, including airport transfers, accomodation and local transfers with fixed price, at no extra charges.

To discuss details and book your appointment, please CONTACT US

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