Wybór nici Liftingujące Aptos. Nowość - nici nowej generacji z kwasem hialuronowym

Optimal Threads selection

Dr Osadowska Clinic · 1121 · 2019-03-10 (akt.)
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News! 3rd Generation
Threads with Hyaluronic Acid

The latest threads with hyaluronic acid are now available in our clinic. They appear as Aptos Excellence Visage Ha  - 10 threads, 15 cm long, with hooks and blunt end cannulas. On offer from spring 2019.

The advantage of new HA threads is faster healing, strong and instant skin hydration and less ailments immediately after the treatment and within two weeks after implantation. The introduction of the new product was preceded by thread testing whith participation of Dr. Ilona Osadowska.

A selection of classic Aptos Lifting Threads and its applications

The assortment consists of many threads in several species and lengths, adapted to the diverse needs and anatomical features of the face. The threads are manufactured with hooks, in order to be well anchored in soft tissues and to obtain a strong mechanical lifting of tissues.


  • Aptos Blunt
    New threads, designed to lift eyebrows - strong, long-lasting and giving natural results. The flexible and blunt-ended cannula allows to safely guide the thread with minimal tissue injury. This is a novelty of year 2018, a product for which we have been waiting for a long time. 


  • Aptos Visage Excellence - very good threads, giving great results of a large face lift, and at the same time gentle on application. Equipped with a strong microfiles on the spiral plan. Threads in thin and blunt cannulas minimally violate the tissue. Length 15 cm. The package contains 10 pieces. Due to the small injury can be especially good for people who need to look good within a few days after the procedure. 

  • Aptos Needle - a set of long threads that allows to make loops under the skin, which gives a particularly strong and stable fastening. Introduced under the skin by one injection point. Very good for strong cheek, chin or chin lift. The package contains 2 sets of threads with a length of 50 cm each. Good when we want to pull up a large amount of flaccid skin. After surgery, you have to reckon with the possibility of imperfect appearance for 1-2 weeks.  

  • Aptos Linea - a basic set of threads with hooks, for face, neck and chin lifting. Threads in cannulas . The package contains 10 pieces each 12 cm long.

  • Aptos Spring - excellent threads with the functionality of springs, especially good for lifting of mouth corners or cheek modeling. Two different lengths to choose - 10 or 7 cm. Very good to apply complementary to the treatment with Aptos Visage Excellence. 

  • Aptos Nano Vitis - a weave of two threads, for rejuvenation of skin with high facial expressions, such as under the eyes and crow's feet. Most often used as a complement to lifting with more universal threads.


  • Aptos Body - the largest set - 15 threads with a length of 20 cm, with hooks on a spiral plan. Intended for lifting and revitalizing flaccid skin, such as the abdomen, buttocks. Cannulas included. The largest of the available sets, a total of 3 meters of thread. can be used for advanced, strong face correction as well.  


  • Aptos Wire - for cutting under the scars to make them look better. Both for small face scars and large on body, e.g. postoperative abdomen. Two types of threads. They allow to even the surface of the skin pulled in by the adhesions with the deeper tissue.


How to choose the best kind of thread for me?

The selection of the most appropriate method will be performed together during the first medical consultation. For people from abroad and long distance ones, we can prepare an initial opinion based on the submitted photos. In this case, please contact us first so we will able tell you how to do it.

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