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Aptos Thread Lift - treatment and after care

Dr. Ilona Osadowska · 1122 · 2019-04-29 (akt.)
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How to prepare for the surgery

Planning a good date will be important, to ensure a few days off from work and social activities. After treatment, hematomas and clear swelling may occur. Skin irregularities may be visible. These are transient effects that will pass away leaving a nice aesthetic effect. Usually, imprefections are more significant than after injectables. .

The procedure

Treatments with threads are performed in outpatient settings under with local anesthesia. The typical duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes. We make the thread using needles or cannulas that carries the thread under the skin in the way we want. After surgery, you need to reckon with swelling and the formation of hematomas. Places to pierce the skin with a plaster and an antibiotic ointment. This treatment is best planned for 2-3 days off or before the weekend.

After treatment care 

The healing time after the treatment is very important for achieving a good and long-lasting effect. Next 2 weeks after care is crucial. In this time we will ask you to refrain from the wide opening of the mouth, or holding it open for longer time. Do not schedule dentist visits at that time. Do not shout, nor laugh loudly. Also, do not do any procedures for treated areas, including no massages, no laser or other energy treatments. If any questions regarding after care, we will ask you to contact us directly.

Training for Doctors

Dr. Ilona Osadowska conducts trainings for doctors in the use of lifting threads. She is a certified, global trainer in the field of face lifting with Aptos threads.

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