Liposuction of abdomen and waist one year after - Margaret

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Liposukcja bioder i brzucha, zdjęcia efekty przed i rok po zabiegu Lipolife, Dr Ilona Osadowska


Margaret, a 45 year old from Poland.
Laser liposuction LipoLife for abdomen and flanks. Anaesthesisa local with shallow sedation.  Picture from before and one year after surgery.
Performed by Dr. Ilona Osadowska


Doctor's opinion

During the procedure, we removed a large amount of adipose tissue from the middle part of the torso according to the plan and the wishes of the patient. A lot of loose skin remained, which is a typical problem after large liposuction. We have not cut it out, but strongly stimulated with laser to obtain tightening.

After one year we evaluate the effects as very good. The silhouette is definitely more harmonious, the loose skin has mostly shriveled very well. There is no need to cut the excess of the skin apron. A series of 10 lymphatic massages was performed, strictly according to the recommendations.


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