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A small excess of fat can be useful and even valuable if you would like to model your own buttocks. We can correct them slightly to give a more attractive shape - round, enlarge, fill in cavities  to better suits our expectations.

Brazylijski Lifting modelowanie pośladków własnym tłuszczem efekty przed po zabiegu

The best candidate for Butt Lift with own fat

  • A woman with a sufficient amount of body fat. It must be suitable for suction, and its amount should be sufficient to perform effective buttocking modeling,
  • A woman with relatively small buttocks - flat, narrow or with untypical shape, 
  • Or full buttocks that can be rounded without harming your natural beauty.

The best candidates for liposuction in general are

  • Someone in good health,
  • The best results are with people are not too large, but also not too slim,
  • People who want to remove fat from localised areas,
  • For whom diets and exercise hasn't worked.

Basic contraindications

  • Unregulated high blood pressure, 
  • Infections, certain chronic diseases e.g. cancer etc,
  • Significant obesity,
  • Certain allergies.

The procedure

The buttock modeling procedure consists of two medical procedures, performed directly one after the other:

  • Liposuction LipoLife or Body Jet with fat harvesting 
    During this procedure we slim down previously determined areas of the body. Usually, we slim the waist and squats over the buttocks. We collect, clean and separate the right amount of fat for later transplantation. 
  • Buttocks modelling
    We make a few small holes through which we insert the infiltration cannula. The fat is given by microinjection into prepared tissue. After the procedure, we add stitches to protect the holes and avoid fat leakage. 

The entire procedure lasts for a total of 3 to 4 hours, depending on the extent of liposuction and the size of the fat transfer. Buttocks require a significant amount of fat, considering losses for puryfing. Typically, we give 300 - 500 ml per one side. Due to the large demand for fat, liposuction is usually performed on 2-3 areas of the body. 

After the procedure, patients put on the compression garment and go home.

Characteristically for the new method - bleeding during and after surgery is very limited. In the majority of patients no major hematoma occurs after this procedure.


The best option for this procedure is a combination of local anaesthesia with additional sedation tailored to individual needs. It is determined by the doctor during consultations before the procedure. We always assume an intravenous port for fast dosing of medication if needed. Local anesthesia is completely sufficient for a comfortable treatment. If needed, this anaesthesia can be modified to answer individual needs. 

Right after the surgery

We put on dressings and compression clothes. Usually patient rest 1-3 hours in bed, to clean from outanaesthetic drugs. Then we stand up and goo to see the the doctor, to discuss the details of treatments and further care. You will be able to walk normally and do small houseworks. In the afternoon, we will ask you to spend time at home. It's best to prepare yourself a relaxing movie, book or an interesting concert. We advise you not to plan any work requiring intellectual effort on this day, because due to the anesthesia given earlier, concentration on this day may be weakened. Also, not to carry heavy things. 


The effects are visible immediately after the treatment, although they are not yet definitive. They are usually distorted by the following factors:

  • a large amount of anesthetic fluid,
  • postoperative swelling and possible haematomas,
  • loose skin that will shrink in the coming weeks,
  • excessive volume of buttocks after fat transplantation.

Over the next 3-4 days, we expect the development of postoperative swelling, which will disappear in the following days. During this time, the body released residual anesthetic fluid, thus reducing the volume in the area treated. Within 2-3 weeks after the treatment, we begin to see clear slimming effects.

Due to the strong stimulation of skin contraction and renewal , LipoLife will be a particularly interesting method for people with stretch marks in the areas undergoing surgery and with flaccid or weak skin, e.g. after heavy weight loss or after pregnancy.

Modeling the buttocks with own fat - a last years novelty

Modeling the buttocks with our own fat is a relatively new procedure, which, however, is rapidly gaining popularity. It developed in recent years, after the implementation of new minimally invasive methods of liposuction. In our clinic we use LipoLife and Body Jet - both methods allow you to suck up adipose tissue without damaging the cells that form it. LipoLife uses - the latest method - uses a 1470 nm diode laser, a radially glowing fiber with a temperature sensor. Exposure causes the breakdown of fat cell bonds, as a result of which the dense tissue is converted into a suspension of intact cells that are separated from each other. This emulsion is then sucked out at a lower pressure than with classic liposuction.

Małgorzata: moja liposukcja LipoLife

My liopsuction story. Margaret, a movie trailer. LipoLife. April 2017

How to prepare for the procedure

The preparations are the same as for liposuction. For 6 hours before the procedure, please do not eat or drink unless your doctor tells you otherwise. Please take loose, non-compressed clothing that may be stained. Do not take any medications or painkillers without consulting your doctor. One week before the procedure, please stop taking blood thinners, such as aspirin.

After care for following weeks

  • a compression garment - 6 weeks, 24 hours a day,
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainages - 10 sessions by professional physiotherapeutist, twice a week, over 5 weeks,
  • do not press the fat for 2 weeks (sitting down, sleeping indications),
  • a diet rich in natural sugars, like fruits - 2 weeks

A very important activity after liposuction is wearing the compression agarment and doing proper massages. It should be performed by a physiotherapist with experience in postoperative liposuction or lymphatic drainage. 


Typical prices for Butt Lift with liposuction included is 3200 fo 3600 Pounds. 

The price depends on the extent of liposuction, buttocks size and some individual anatomical features. We define it before the procedure and do not change once agreed. All medical care is included - consultation, labs, anaesthesia and after care. 

If you come from abroad, you need to consider a travel package on top of that, approx. 120-180 Pounds. 

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Coming from abroad

To perform a Brazilian Butt Lift we ask most patients to come for 3 to 4 days (2-3 nights).  We organize your stay including choosing best flights, booking airport transfers, hotel or apartment and all city transfers at no extra fees. You can pay or refund these these services after arrival.

Send your pictures and get individual opinion

To evaluate if you are a right candidate and that we are able to meet your expectations, we will ask you to take and send over some photos. Please kindly send directly to:

  • our email: , or
  • via WhatsApp Chat +48 501 144 809

    and we will send you back the Drs professional opinion. 


    To discuss details or book your appointment, please CONTACT US

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