Labiaplasty procedure & after care

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Preparation for the procedure

And assessment of your health condition consists of:

  • a medical consultation,
  • a gynecological ultrasound scan,
  • smear test - up-to-dated results (6 months) evaluation,
  • lab tests - blood, urine.

If the tests are performed outside of our clinic, the results must be provided before the surgery, in the original.

During the initial consultation, the doctor will assess whether he can safely perform the treatment you want and if he can achieve the results you expect.  We always conduct a control ultrasound, but you will also need recent cytology results. We will commission a list of laboratory tests - always morphology, but if in doubt, other tests may be ordered by the doctor. Before the surgery, we will ask you to epilate with a cream, without using sharp tools

Medical consultation before surgery

The final decision about the procedure will be made during the medical consultation in the clinic. The doctor will conduct an interview with an examination and will then analyze the results of laboratory diagnostics. He will assess whether he can safely perform the established procedure and whether he can achieve the results expected by you. We always conduct a control ultrasound, but you will also need recent cytology results. We will commission a list of laboratory tests - always morphology, but if in doubt, other tests may be ordered by the doctor

Preparation immediately before the procedure

We will ask you to do a depilation with a cream for 1-2 days before the procedure. It is important not to use sharp tools so as not to cause any irritation. If you are menstruating, prior to procedure pls. make sure that the cycle is proceeding as expected. If it happens to be otherwise, please notify us immediately after noticing the delay.

Labioplasty - the treatment

The procedure of labioplasty is relatively uncomplicated. Average treatment time is 1-1,5 hours. Labiaplasty is performed under a local anesthesia and therefore it is not painful. There are several techniques to choose from. During consultation, the doctor will suggest the most appropriate of them, given the anatomical conditions and expectations of the patient. For people with low pain tolerance or anxiety we can also order shallow sedation with anesthetist’s assistance. The procedure is performed in our operating room. We use non-absorbable sutures, to be removed within 7 days after the procedure

Post operation

  • a short rest in our post-op room,
  • a summary and discussion of the procedure and outcomes with the Doctor,
  • return to your accomodation - we assist you in a trip,
  • 2-3 days of rest, with possibly much time in a lying position,
  • daily follow-up visits in Clinic,
  • travelling home, 
  • removal of stitches not earlier than 7 days after surgery, 
  • further follow-up up to 3 months. 

After the surgery, we will most likely ask you to stay in the clinic for a short observation. Usually, this time ranges from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on the course of the treatment and the anesthetics you were given. You will have a bed at your disposal in the post-operative room. You can rest for a moment - sleep, read, etc., during which time you will be supervised by a nurse and a doctor. After making sure that you can leave the clinic, the doctor will ask you to attend a summary in his office. It would be best if you could be picked up by someone from your family or friends and if you traveled in a lying position. Alternatively, we can recommend our driver. For a few days after the procedure, you should still find some time for lying down, to avoid constant body pressure on the areas that underwent the surgery. You can read or watch something, but you shouldn’t run, jump, wear heavy weights or make any strenuous effort. Maybe it's a great opportunity to relax and take some “me-time".

We arrange checkups daily during your say in Poland. 

You will be instructed in writing about further care necessary. We communicatie using using phone, email and WhatsApp. Any further follow-up visits are welcomed and free of charge. 

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