Labiaplasty - best candidate

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Am I a suitable candidate?

The best candidate is a person of generally good health, without any infections, without local irritation or inflammation. The age and the number of births carry no special meaning. For a few days after the procedure, the patient must ensure that she can rest in a lying position so as to avoid the risk of dehiscence of the sutures and bleeding. During this time it will be necessary to provide increased hygiene to avoid infection. It would be favorable if the idea of the surgery has been well thought out, and the willingness to perform it is already well-established. The candidate for this procedure must be an adult

For ladies from abroad

Initial assessment of whether you are a good candidate will be possible remotely, based on interviews, photos and uploaded materials. The final decision and consent for the procedure will be made during the conversation with the doctor, during consultations at the clinic. The minimum time to perform the surgery is 3 days and 2 nights presence in the city. We recommend staying for an additional 1 or 2 days, for safety and better healing. During this time, we will schedule a meeting each day in the clinic for 15-30 minutes. Without any additional fees, we can give recommendations on accommodation and affordable airport transfers.

How to start

Please contact us- initially provide us some informations and your contact phone number, for example via e-mail. Next, we will arrange a phone conversation with our consultant during which we will ask about the circumstances essential for the implementation of the procedure. We will advise you on what is important before making your final decision. After the conversation, we will send you a summary with individually tailored instructions. If you decide on a procedure, we will choose the best term for you together. For people living close an initial medical consultation would be the best solution.

A consultation before surgery

The final decision about the procedure will be made during the medical consultation in the clinic. The doctor will conduct an interview with an examination and will then analyze the results of laboratory diagnostics. He will assess whether he can safely perform the established procedure and whether he can achieve the results expected by you

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