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dr Ilona Osadowska · 757 · 2019-01-07 (akt.)
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Selected models treated by Dr. Ilona Osadowska.

Angelina from Dublin, Ireland

Being 28 y.o. she wanted to undergo a minimally invasive liposuction with BBL.
See her story at our YouTube channel: drosa.pl/y0012

Linda from Scotland

She was 62. y.o. and wished to improve her skin at neck, jawline and cheeks. We have perfformed a thread lifting with best Aptos product.
See her story at our YouTube channel: drosa.pl/y0022

Anna from Szczecin, Poland.

A mature woman, 50 y.o., our patient for longer time. .
Advanced face rejuvenation. 
See Anna at our YouTube channel: drosa.pl/y0062
English subtitles provided.

Eve from Szczecin, Poland.

A mature woman, 40+ y.o.
Advanced face rejuvenation - a laser liposuction of chin, achieving face symmetry, eye area rejuvenation, cheeks and temple rejuvenation. Aptos Lifting Threads. 
See Eve at our YouTube channel: drosa.pl/y0052
English subtitles provided.


Liposuction abdomen flanks, LipoLife, before after, 3 months, front view Theresa, 39 y.o., Scottish.
Body scultpting with laser liposuction LipoLife - abdomen, waist and upper back. Two days trip, local anaesthesia with shallow sedation, no downtime. Have a look at her results 3 months after procedure.