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Advanced Body Sculpting

Super Figura - maximal reasonable body silhouette correction. Liposuction, fat transfer, as many body areas as possible and safe for a given person. Sculpting considering individual body features. Full range of treatments, most problems treated - fat deposits, fat transfers, loose skin, striae, scars. Also correction of previous and not succesful liposuctions.

Minimally Invasive Liposuctions

We specialize in minimally invasive, gentle to the body yet very effective liposuctions. Additional value is the strongest possible (available on the market) sking tightening when doing laser procedure. Especially important for people who want to avoid Tummy Tuck and a few weeks after care. 

Fat Transfer - Breast, Buttocks, Scars

Our own fat is a perfect material for many applications. We can fill breast achieving better shape and fullness, rejuvenate aged decolete skin. Rounding buttocks. Scar corrections. 

Safe Anaesthesia

We provide comfortable and minimal traumatic anaesthesia for our procedures. Typically local anaesthesia with additional shallow sedation. It makes bearing procedures comfortable, safe and short downtime. Most patients rest in bed for 1-3 hours after procedure. This time is needed to flush out anaesthetic drugs and get over. After that you are able to see the Dr in her office, discuss the procedure and necessary after care. You sleep in a hotel or apartment of your choice.  

Short Recovery

In most cases pateints get back to office work in 3-4 days. Short flights within Europe can be planned typically 1-2 days after procedure. Longer, transcontinental flights require rest of at least 5 days after the procedure. 

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