Lower eyelid transconjunctival surgery, Martha, 7 days after

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Lower eyelid transconjunctival surgery pictures. Photos taken before and 7 days after procedure. Martha, 26 y.o. from Poland.


Lower eyelid surgical correction, transconjunctival method.

Pictures taken before and 7 days after the procedure.

Marta, 26 years old from Poland. This young patient in good health had a wonderful radiant skin. Comparatively large lower eyelid fat blisters caused the eyelids to appear puffy, likely swollen or tired.

The conjunctival method involves making a skin incision from the inside of the eyelids in such a way that the scar remains invisible from the outside. Used for young people with well-stretched eyelids that does not require a lifting. 

The treatment was performed by  Dr. Peter Krzywicki.

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