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Consultation about breast augmentation

dr Ilona Osadowska · 1221 · 2019-04-29 (akt.)
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Advantages of own fat transfer

Fat is a fantastic material for breast correction, because it gives us a comprehensive improvement of aesthetics while maintaining the natural breast's unity. During the procedure, we only transfer our own tissue, we do not give an implant or any artificial elements that could cause a defensive reaction of the body. Therefore, fat modeling is safe in the long run. The very implementation of the fat tansfer is minimally invasive - the only necessary incision is 2-3 mm wide and is used to carry the cannula. After a few months, the scar will disappear completely.

Medical consultation with a discussion of the shape and quality of the skin

During the initial consultation, we assess the condition and potential of the skin, discuss the patient's expectations and determine the possibilities of their implementation. Before the consultation, we will commission blood tests and breast ultrasound scan, which will confirm good health and the possibility of safe surgery. One of conditions for a successful procedure will be the possession of adipose tissue available for transfer.

Who is the best candidate

  • A woman with a generally good health,
  • on small or medium bust, i.e. cup size from A to C / D,
  • on firm bust with slight or moderate reduction,
  • with loss of volume and loose skin after breast feeding,
  • about proper breast structure and stuck, confirmed by ultrasound scan.

Correction of the shape and renewal of the breast skin

The treatment will help us in two ways. The first is the improvement of breast volume and shape as well as the correction of possible asymmetry. The second is a definite improvement in the quality of the skin. In women with loose skin after breastfeeding, the improvement is visible immediately, as a filling and tightness of the skin. After a period of 2-3 months there is an additional glow and firming of the skin caused by the action of stem cells. On request, this effect can be extended to the neckline above the breast. We achieve it by injecting small doses of properly prepared fat enriched with stem cells.

Possible effects of fat transfer to the breast

  • Enlarging the volume and modeling breast shape,
  • maintaining the natural firmness of the breast,
  • correction of possible asymmetry,
  • strong revitalization of the breast and decollete skin,
  • reducing the visibility of stretch marks.

What we will not be able to achieve with a fat graft

In the case of breasts with high descent, we will not achieve their satisfactory lifting. The fat will give us volume and renew the skin, but it will not replace its lifting up. The breasts will look better in the bra - they will be fuller and with more tense skin. However, without a bra, the descent will remain. If you would like to correct a large fall, you will probably need a breast lift. It may be the second step after enlargement and fatness, performed not earlier than 3 months after the transfer. This time is needed to regenerate the body after liposuction and to stabilize the transplanted fat.

Diagnosis before surgery - ultrasound scan

Before each treatment we perform ultrasound scan ot the glands. This also applies to the next treatment in the cycle. If we detect changes - they must be evaluated by a histopathological laboratory. If the changes are mild - the treatment can be performed. The malign nature of the changes precludes the possibility of giving your own body fat.

Diagnosis before surgery - genetics

If there were breast cancer cases in the family, genetic tests may be indicated. We discuss this in detail during pre-operative consultations. In some cases, it may be a factor excluding the possibility of performing the surgery due to ensuring long-term patient safety.

Lab tests

As before each liposuction, we perform a series of basic laboratory blood tests. The tests can be performed in our clinic, at the latest several hours before the surgery. You can also do them in any chosen laboratory, based on the list that we send. They should be completed not earlier than 2 weeks before the planned surgery.

How to prepare before the procedure - general information

  • For 6 hours before the procedure, please do not eat or drink unless your doctor tells you otherwise
  • Please take loose, non-compressed clothing that may be stained
  • Do not take any medications or painkillers without consulting your doctor
  • One week before the procedure, please stop taking blood thinners, such as aspirin

The above points are general and can be individually changed. Detailed information is provided individually during the pre-treatment consultation and these will be the recommendations in force.

For women living abroad

If you stay abroad and would like to evaluate options for you:

  • We will pre-evaluate treatment options and costs based on your photos.
  • We organize accommodation and transfers using a network of our partners.
  • We do not charge extra fees for this, and patients benefit from discounts.

Please CONTACT US, we will advise you on how to take the first steps.

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