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Breast augmentation with own fat

Dr. Ilona Osadowska · 566 · 2019-06-22 (akt.)
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The treatment consists in taking your own fat cells without damaging them and then applying them in the breast. A very good method for embellishing small breasts, as well as correcting the shape or asymmetry of the bust. Breasts enlarged with their own fat are distinguished by an attractive, natural look. Unique advantages are the long-lasting effect and high safety profile of the method. The procedure is performed immediately after the collection of fat cells, during the minimally invasive LipoLife or Body Jet liposuction.

Powiększanie piersi tłuszczem zdjęcie

Preparation of own fat transfer to breast. © 2017 Dr. Osadowska Clinic.

Natural breasts

The use of your own modeling fat gives excellent results because the breasts after the treatment are very natural and looks great. While in most cases implants are recognized immediately, breasts enlarged with fat behaves completely naturally and do not show any signs of medical intervention.

We help achieve the best results in women aged 30-50, after childbirth and feeding, whose natural breasts are not very large. We aid to increase (our) breasts proportionally in all areas. All patients are surprised by a marked improvement in the quality of the breast and cleavage skin, which becomes visible within 1-2 months after the procedure. It occurs as a result of the stem cells contained in the transplanted fat. Satisfaction of women after a well-performed procedure reaches 95%.

Noteworthy is also the satisfaction of men - the partners of women who performed the procedure. Mostly gentlemen are especially pleased with the natural shape and behavior of new breasts.

Indications for breast LipoLife injection:

  • small or moderately large breasts with a low degree of descent,
  • asymmetry or unevenness of the breast,
  • the need to remove breast implants,
  • post-mastectomy breast reconstruction.

In the case of breast reconstruction after mastectomy, there is complete reconstruction in conditions of tissue weakened by radio- and chemotherapy. Then, our first goal is to restore the proper condition of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, only then the breasts are formed. The whole therapy after mastectomy includes 4 to 6 treatments.

Preparation for the procedure

We will need the right supply of tissue for the success of the therapy. It can be located in the area of ​​the abdomen, hips, inner thighs, waist, or typical areas from which it is sometimes removed.

Very slim women who do not have enough body fat may be asked to gain weight before the procedure.

This therapy requires patient’s cooperation, as the the breasts requires a special care for two weeks after the procedure. We have to care about the right temperature - avoid cooling and advised to wear warmer clothing. We also avoid oppression, so temporarily we do not suggest the use a bra.

Compensation is suitably bigger and looks natural. After the therapy is finished and the fat cells are connected to the body, the new shape will last. The new breasts will behave completely naturally also in this aspect, that if a woman gets fat, her breasts will naturally grow

Autologous fat cell transplantation

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and consists of three stages: the liposuction, separation of live fat cells for further injection and breast modeling surgery. In English terminology, the procedure is sometimes referred to as BEAULI (Breast Augmentation and Reconstruction by Lipo transfer). A fat tissue transplant, although known for over a hundred years, has not been used on a wider scale for aesthetic purposes. The reason why it was difficult to meet the requirements necessary for the survival of fat cells in a satisfactory amount. The breakthrough came with the use of minimally invasive liposuction methods, such as LipoLife and Body Jet. Because they do not damage fat cells during liposuction, we can put them back into the body to re-grow and integrate into metabolic processes.

In Europe, for several years this procedure is accepted by successive associations of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. In our clinic we make lipo transfer since 2012.


1) Body fat removal

Fat is usually taken away from the abdomen, buttocks or hips. And to view our sample video clip for LipoLife or Body Jet in our website modified in this way to get as much undamaged fat cells, suitable for further use and with the help of Topical local anesthesia.

2) Separation of fat cells

This procedure aims to separate intact fat cells from other liquid triglycerides and other body fluids. It makes it easier to use the Lipo Collector. After obtaining the right amount of fat, it is collected by syringes for further use. Only healthy, undamaged fat cells are used for injection.

3) Injection of fat cells in selected areas

Cells are given breasts according to individual needs. Fat is given in such a way as to get the most probably of the acceptance of your body. The proper technique serves this purpose - we give them in small amounts using a thin cannula, avoiding large deposits or unwanted mass. The success of the injection will in fact depend on how the body will accept the cell - it will be vascularized and included in normal metabolic processes.

After each treatment, we need several weeks to stabilize the effect and about 6 months to complete the process of fat cells integration by the body. After this time, the procedure can be repeated.

The lipo injection can be repeated several times, if necessary, in order to achieve the intended, lasting aesthetic effect.


Right after surgery

It requires a bit of patience for the first few weeks - we do not even advise to wear a bra in order to avoid pressure and thermal shocks by  tanning, sauna or using the swimming pool. During the first period, more attention is paid to the given fat cells for their blood supply and connection with the body. Most patients feel good enough to get back to work immediately after the procedure. Immediately after the procedure there will be a temporarily some noticeable discomfort typical at the punctured sites.

Effects after the treatment

During the initial treatment, we place 250-350 ml of fats on each side. This corresponds approximately to the enlargement of the size by one cup. In the case of asymmetry, we can correct it within certain limits.

The achieved effect is visible immediately right after the procedure. In the next few weeks, it will slightly weaken, because some of the cells will not be accepted by the body. Currently, it is estimated that a stable binding of 3/4 of the given cells can be achieved. Stabilization lasts approx. 2 months and consolidation to six.

Then, if necessary, you will be able to perform another follow-up procedure. The best results are achieved by performing two or more treatments in one place, depending on the problem we correct and other conditions. Details are set during the first consultation. The grafted fat contains stem cells with high regenerative potential. Their presence will have a positive effect on the condition of the skin and its tension, will appear in the long term - after the end of the therapy cycle.

Reconstruction after mastectomy

It provides very good and natural effects, however, it is more difficult and more long-lasting than standard magnifying treatments. The reason is a high degree of restoration and weakening of the tissue if radio- or chemotherapy is used. In this case, you will have to take into account the longer cycle, consisting of even 5 treatments to achieve the final aesthetic effect.

The risk of surgery

The risk of surgery is moderate and mainly associated with the discontinuity of the skin due to injection. The treatment may cause hematoma and redness. The itching may be felt at the injection site for some time. The immunological risk is limited because we do not give any foreign substances. There is also a risk associated with the aesthetic effect of the procedure. Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers, once administered, fat tissue cannot be removed easily. Therefore, it is better to perform a moderate procedure and, if necessary, repeat it again rather than induce a lasting, too big effect. Patients interested in breast augmentation needs to remain after the procedure under regular radiological control. In the past, this treatment was considered uncertain and risky. Currently, in the light of subsequent studies documenting oncological safety, another plastic surgery company is recommended, among others German, Italian and French..

Modeling the breast with own fat and implants

Fat tissue treatment is distinguished by several important advantages:

  • unmatched aesthetic effect - breasts are completely natural in appearance, touch and behavior,
  • safety for the body - we do not give any foreign substances, only our own fat cells,
  • stability - after stabilization of the effect, there is no immune response,
  • high durability of effects - fat cells after the integration, for the lasting and the aesthetic effect.

In conclusion - breast enlargement with own fat stands out as a treatment with a high safety profile and long-lasting effects, designed for patient and determined patients with an appropriate budget. This method works regardless of age, both in 30- and 50-year-old patients, bringing satisfaction from the natural appearance of their breasts.

Many women see the great advantage of the method - liposuction is included in the price of breast enlargement, which can be performed on the most intense areas. The whole therapy, i.e. liposuction and breast breast enlargement, is performed by the price of a classic breast enlargement procedure with implants.

Qualification for breast modeling of own fat

We start the therapy with consultations first. We see breast modeling as an art in which the sense of aesthetics and body is fundamental. We will assess whether we have the possibility of effective treatment, whether the effect will be satisfactory for the patient, and whether there are no contraindications. If we think that it is a positive prognosis - we need to proceed for the necessary tests, which will based on blood tests and breast ultrasound. In rare cases, you may need mammography or magnetic resonance imaging.

The average cost of the Procedure

Breast augmentation with own fat costs from 2300 to 2990 Pounds for the treatment including all the costs, taxes and garment compression.  The price also includes full-value liposuction for one or two areas. The cost of breast modeling with its own fat along with liposuction is therefore comparable to the classic breast implantation procedure however, it is performed without liposuction. The detailed evaluation is determined upon the first consultation.

For women staying abroad or long distance - we will be able to publish an initial opinion based by visualizing the photos that has been sent to us. But before sending, please contact us first, so we can send  you an e-mail containing the following instructions on how to do it.



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