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Removal of varicose veins with water steam is a new surgical method of treatment of venous insufficiency. The advantages of VenoSteam are the ability to remove all changes during one treatment, very little trauma to the body and the ease of removing difficult varicose veins - large, extensive and winding. Benefits are complemented by a short recovery time and a lower risk of complications compared to older surgical methods.

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The new method has been developed under the direction of prof. Rene Milleret, a surgeon from Montpellier in France. It has been performed worldwide for several years. In Poland we have been using it since year 2013. In comparison to sclerotherapy (obliteration) it allows closing varicose veins much larger and more difficult, and most importantly - all, completely, during one treatment. During the VenoSteam treatment, we do not administer any pharmacological agents to the venous system, but only water vapor. Therefore, there is no quantitative limit of the procedure known to patients from sclerotherapy treatments. The VenoSteam method was originally called SVS (Steam Vein Sclerosis).

In relation to laser intravenous methods VenoSteam treatment is less traumatic to the body, which allows patients to return to work and everyday duties more quickly. The pain is small and passes quickly.

The advantages of the VenoSteam method

  • The only method currently available that allows one to correct all the changes that require it.
  • The possibility of closing varicose veins difficult, winding and deep with inflows.
  • Minimal trauma to the body, short time to return to work.
  • Minimal periprocedural conditions.
  • Local anesthesia, return home immediately after the procedure.

When to see the doctor

Qualification for this procedure is performed by the surgeon on the basis of the patient's interview, after conducting the Doppler ultrasound scan. Indications for VenoSteam are typical for the treatment of venous diseases. Detailed information will be provided by your doctor during a medical consultation.

The course of the procedure 

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The first stage is marking and contouring of the identified changes. Then the doctor prepares the entrances to the vessels that he intends to close using thin ports similar to intravenous port. The area intended to treat are anesthetized locally. The introduction of probes and the injection of steam takes place under the control of the ultrasound device online, so that the doctor has an accurate view of the condition of the vessels, the position of the tools and the progress of treatment. An injector tip is inserted into the prepared input, through which the physician provides steam with appropriate parameters (temperature around 110 ° C), using a thin tip, with a diameter of approx. 2. mm. The treatment is relatively quick - individual injections last no longer than a minute. A typical full-time operation does not exceed 60 minutes. Thanks to anesthesia, the procedure is not painful, and minimal interference causes that the return to normal functioning occurs relatively quickly. After the procedure the patient goes home.


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After treatment 

After the procedure the patient is provided with compression products whose task is to improve and accelerate healing and consolidate the achieved effects. Small hematomas, typically after injection, may appear in the treated areas. For at least 24 hours, refrain from greater effort - you should walk and function normally, but without overloading. If pain is present, simple painkillers will suffice. Return to work is possible after 1-2 days of surgery

Follow-up and further treatment

We arrange a control visit within 7-10 days after the procedure. If the patient needs, we invite you to additional check-ups, which are free within 30 days after the procedure. After this period, we expect stabilization of surgery efetects, we arrange a consultation closing the postoperative period in order to assess the indications for possible further proceedings. In some cases it may be advisable to perform complementary sclerotherapy treatments. We also issue preventive recommendations.

How to start treatment

Patients interested in the procedure are qualified similarly to other treatment methods. A medical consultation, blood tests and Doppler ultrasound examination are required. In most cases, we honor the opinion issued by other specialists in venous diseases and the Doppler ultrasound examination of color, after getting acquainted with their content.


The cost of the treatment is 3900 - 5500 PLN and depends on the extent of the lesions being treated. Treatments with safena closing are available from 3900 PLN. Control consultations are free within one month after the procedure. The cost of the qualification consultation with the Doppler ultrasound examination is 200 PLN

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