Liposuction Prices

dr Ilona Osadowska · 1025 · 2018-12-26 (akt.)
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Our liposuction prices are as follows:

· £  990 liposuction on chin and jawlines only (small areas)
£ 1290 liposuction for one standard body area,
£ 1990 liposuction two body areas,
£ 2390 liposuction three body areas,
£ 2300 - 3100 liposuction with fat transfer into breast, incl. Lipo for 1-3 body areas,
£ 2900 - 3400 liposuction with fat transfer into buttocks, incl. Lipo for 2-3 body areas.

All costs included - VAT, blood test, anaesthesiologist, compression garment, 3 post-op visits and 1 year follow - up. Prices may vary due to currency. 

No deposit, payment after consultation

Once we make an appointment, we will do initial booking for you. We need not deposit nor downpayment. Prior to procedure, we schedule a thorough consultation with blood test and general health scan. This is also a good time to discuss details of your expectations with your surgeon. Once everything is well, we will ask you to pay for the procedure. You have still the option to give up the procedure without loosing depoist. 

Payment for liposuction - cash, card or bank transfer

Payment cane be done in cash, in Pounds or Euro. If you like to pay by bank transfer - we will provide you account details and agree propre date, so that the transfer arrives prior to procedure. Cards accepted – VISA, Mastercard, payment in Zloty at a daily rate of your bank. Payment methods can be mixed at your convenience.

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