Laser Labiaplasty Adriana before and next day after

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Laser Labiaplasty pictures before and 1 day after procedure. after. View B


Laser Labiaplasty - results. Photo taken before and just 1 day after surgery.

Future shape as agreed with patient, according to her wishes. Area treated not bruised, clean. Swelling of clitoral hood visible. It is possible to see stitches in color blue. 

Use of laser reduces bleeding during and after the procedure, which also promotes comfortable healing. Patient: 28 y.o., after giving a natural birth. The aim of this procedure was to reduce overgrowth of labia minora for aestehtic resons. Coexisting factors were also skin rubbing and irritation, causing local inflamations.

Performed by: Dr. Thomas Sroczynski.

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