Labiaplasty and Fat Transfer to Labia Majora

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Laser Labiaplasty pictures before and next day after. Lying down view


Labioplasty and labia majora augmentation with fat transfer. Pictures before and 1 month after the procedure.

Agnes, a 34 years old from Poland, actively practices sports.

The aim of the treatment was to shape a harmonious and comfortable vulva line. Agnes decided on the procedure for two reasons - the main was aesthetics, and additional was discomfort during physical exercises.

Enlargement of the labia majora is also intended to more fully close the entrance to the vagina, which has a positive effect on its flora and reduces the risk of infection. The procedure was performed using own fat, previously taken from the abdomen. The transplanted fat gives volume and additionally revitalizes the skin through the action of stem cells. Long-lasting effect.

The inner labia have been reduced using a laser labioplasty. During the treatment, the laser beam coagulates the blood vessels, which reduces bleeding during the procedure and improves the patient's comfort during the healing period.

Both treatments were carried out during one visit. 

Performed by: Dr. Thomas Sroczynski.

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